The earth has enough resources to feed the world population of seven billion people. Why one-half of humanity starves and the other half enjoys their prosperity is nothing more than a distribution problem. Gold is a strong symbol of character because it has been mankind’s most important method of payment and exchange. So it is critical for me to contribute and to address the problem of imbalance through the power of gold. The World of Charity project is my labor of love. Every little puzzle is important in order to finish the whole picture. The world is beautiful when we see it this way. Life is wonderful if we live like this. Friendships, love, and health are the foundations of a fulfilling life. As long as we focus our attention on war, poverty and hunger, the world will experience more wars, more hunger, and more misery. If we start today and concentrate on peace, wealth and abundance for all, the world will change for you, for me, and especially for our children and in turn, their children. The W.O.C. Principle lives within you. With your commitment and your energy, we can create anything we desire beyond all limitations.
-Harald Seiz, CEO