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  1. Gasthaus zur Traube

    In einem über 100 Jahre „altem Wirtshaus“ das seit 1963 in 2. Generation von uns familiär geführt wird ist Tradition ein hohes Gut. Nur da wo man sich wohlfühlt, kann man auch genießen. Angefangen beim Wurst- und Fleischeinkauf, bis hin zu Erzeugern von Wein, Bier, Säften und Spiritousen aus unserer Region. In unserem ReadMore
  2. Daniels Restaurant

    Elevated French restaurant with small plates, entrees and a tasting menu, with full bar, wines and craft beers.
  3. Xpeditions, Inc

    Xpeditions Pub and Coffee in downtown Bloomer, WI is the place to go whether you’re between your last expedition or your next one. Xpeditions is for the adventurous soul looking for great cold drinks and excellent food.
  4. CHOW

    Chow at One Eighteen is dedicated to providing you the best food and best experience possible. Our service is unmatched and our cooking is unbelievable. We use only the freshest ingredients to provide you with a meal you'll never forget! Come by and join the fun!
  5. Universe Restaurant

    This is a family owned restaurant who served outstanding breakfast all day a Montreal specialities such as Montreal style pizza , Montreal smoked meat , poutine with REAL cheese curds , hot submarines etc.. The family moved from Montreal and brought there culture here in Calgary . Amazing reviews ReadMore

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