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  1. VB Consultoris

    VB CONSUTLRIS is specialized in consusulting in following areas: games of chance, tourism , the oragnization development and mangmanet, project managment, costumer relation managment.

    Business Advisory - Poslovno savjetovanje
  3. Eye Connect Dots

    Connects Business to Businesses and People to People Worldwide
  4. Cashandonline

    Cashandonline coming Cashgold Bitcoin New address Gold freedom
  5. The Bredwinner Group, Inc.

    We advise and assist prestigious clientele focusing on implementation of innovative market messaging and brand development. Developed direct marketing channels, promotional materials, and merchandising strategies, as well as identify potential for and promote joint venture partnerships, with-in a broad spectrum of industry.
  6. Strong Empire LLC

    My company Strong Empire-specializes in teaching, sharing Wealth buildings strategies.

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