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  1. Keri's Arbonne

    Arbonne is a highly regarded,premium brand with a Swiss heritage. The products are botanically based and inspired by nature.

    Polarix is based on the polarization antenna constructed by Georges Lakhovsky. With some help from Nikola Tesla, Lakhovsky designed it as a crucial part of devices used in hospitals before the rise of the pharmaceutical industry. The treatment they enabled was successful and cheap. draws healthy energies from the environment, ReadMore
  3. TheraPure Health Essentials

    Many holistic health products are available to support optimal wellness. TheraPure Health Essentials™ offers a variety of health products from various manufacturers including our own, all designed to increase vitality and longevity. Research has shown that a positive outlook strengthens body, mind and spirit - all the while increasing your happiness. ReadMore
  4. Lees Opportunity Sandkvist

    Anti-aging products and food supplements Life-coaching Norwegian linguage teacher
  5. Casaroma Wellness Clinic

    Casaroma Wellness is a Stress Management Clinic specializing in Aromatherapy, and other holistic heath therapies centered around helping people realize better health and less pain.

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