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  1. Transformations

    We develop the bodies, minds, hearts and talents of children and families with Delightful, Modern-Day Fairy Tales & Stories; Power Animal Frolics DVD and other fun exercises; The Bee Bee Jubilee Songs and Other Inspiring Music; Energy Enhancing Jewelry and Other Products; Music; Transformational Spiritual Retreats and much more!
  2. Casaroma Wellness Clinic

    Casaroma Wellness is a Stress Management Clinic specializing in Aromatherapy, and other holistic heath therapies centered around helping people realize better health and less pain.
  3. Millennium Healthcare

    Welcome to Millennium Healthcare! We are an Atlanta based medical practice comprising a talented medical professional team that is committed to providing compassionate and comprehensive medical care through an integrative healthcare approach that encompasses biochemical and psychological wellbeing. Welcome to Millennium Healthcare. Our approach to medical treatment and healthcare revolves around ReadMore
  4. Life Force Healing Energy

    Utilizing evidence based Trivedi Life Force Healing to connect the Creator and the Creation. Benefiting humans, animals, agriculture and nutraceuticals. Not in my location? Remote blessings are just as powerful and beneficial as in person blessings. See my website:
  5. Generational Wealth Builders

    Education. Natrual Healing. Natural Hair Care.

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