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  1. Heal and Grow

    This one-day class encompasses topics as they relate to scale profits by providing services that could potentially TRIPLE the income of industry professionals, allowing them to work smarter and not harder. Our company empowers professionals and gets them off the path of stepping over the dollars to get to the ReadMore
  2. Theresa E. Allen, LCSW-R, PC

    Psychotherapy for individuals, families , couples and groups. Master Trainer, Workshop Design Corporate Consultant
  3. Facilitating Healing

    Facilitating Healing is a massage practice. I offers therapeutic massage, essential oil education and ionic foot detox. We operate out of a fitness gym so gym memberships are also available.
  4. Sozo in a Drop Holistic Healthcare, LLc

    Assisting individuals along the path of wellness holistically.
  5. Clinique de masso et d'orthothérapie Stella

    Massothérapie, orthothérapie, Naturopathie.

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