Metanoia Musical Harmonies


37 Lambie st Vistabella , 00129 , San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago
Contact Number : +18683655054
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Metanoia Musical Harmonies Ltd, also known as the School of Musical Harmony, is one of the premier music educational institutions based in the tropical isle of Trinidad and Tobago. Those who enroll in the programme are trained based on the syllabus of the Trinity School of music, but are also exposed to contemporary, cultural and classical music styles to enrich the students who enjoy the music as they learn. For practical, they learn to use the piano, violin and steelpan. Students of the school generally make distinctions in all grades, and have even made the top mark in the world in practical (100% score). Some have even become professional players and successfully competed in several music competitions. The school also has music accessories available for sale, such as music publications, keyboards, pianos and more.
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