Karat Kars Limited


12 Tankerton Terrace, Mitcham Road , CR0 3HJ , London, United Kingdom
Contact Number : +447908128114
Email address : caronleo@icloud.com


For the first time ever, a driving school that rewards YOU for your custom and your investment in driving lessons, AND encourages you to SAVE in GOLD! Karat Kars Limited is based in Croydon, England. A driving school who values your custom so much that they will give you 20% CASHBACK on each lesson you purchase, in the form of Karatbars gold bullion. Which Driving School do you know who will give you your money back as a 'thank you' for choosing them. None! Until now. Karat Kars Limited are willing to give you 20% cashback into a Karatbars FREE Gold Saving Account on each driving lesson purchased. A Gold Savings Account you can add to as often and as much as you wish.
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