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2483 Heritage Village Ste 16-153 , 30078 , Snellville, United States
Contact Number : +14049234957
Email address : icumarketingsolutions@gmail.com


We are a MobiNet company that provides all the neccessities a small business needs to get started quickly. We are here to serve the Karatbars Affiliate Community. We provide the following products and services: Web Design (specializing in Landing Pages.), Web Hosting/Domain Names, Text Message Marketing, Virtual Offices, Business Cards and Networking leads. Pre-Templated Business cards and other print media are also available upon request. Our Web Services: DOMAIN NAMES: Every affiliate NEEDS a domain name as their first expense. Your affiliate ID provided by Karatbars is long and hard to remember for your prospects. We can provide you a domain name of your choice through our Hosting Company called Zebuhost, provided its available, and have it linked to your affiliate link. This will make it easier for your prospects to remember just the domain name, which will automatically forward them to your affiliate website or registration page! LANDING PAGES: We have premade Landing page templates for Karatbars Affiliates that are designed to provide all the information a prospect needs to understand Karatbars and to make a sound decision. They are HTML based, so they load fast and they will entail all your affiliate links. Standard and Premium pages are available.**We can also provide websites and squeeze pages depending on your needs. Consultations will be required for these types of websites** WEB HOSTING: We provide hosting for the websites we create for Karatbars Affiliates, which is sold separately. Other hosting services are available through our Hosting Company Zebuhost upon request. VIRTUAL OFFICES: For those that would like to give their small business a larger and professional feel, we have virtual office numbers available. We have both local and toll free numbers. These numbers can store up to nine extensions which can be forwarded to a phone number of your choice. Robo voice greetings are standard, but custom greetings are optional and can be added for an additional cost. There are a limited amount of numbers available for this service, so first come first serve. NETWORKING LEADS: If you want to get a jumpstart on your business, you can benefit from getting networking leads. These leads come from geneologies acquired from network marketing distributors whose either no longer building for that company, or the company is going out of business. These leads are available on an occasional basis and ususally comes in batches of 5,000 or more. Therefore they are limited once we acquire them. Not every single lead is a good lead. Therefore, we recommend that you purchase at least 1500 or more to get the most benefit from the leads. BUSINESS CARDS ETC: Our print media division has created pre-made business card templates exclusive for Karatbars Affiliates. We have several designs to choose from, and you can choose the standard Matte style or glossy. The name, title, phone numbers, emails, and website addresses are all customizable, and can be printed on both sides of the card! Other media such as t-shirts, hats, and car magnets are also available upon request. Our Marketing Services: TEXT MARKETING PLATFORM: We have a special feature available exclusively for Karatbars Affiliates. This text feature turns your business card or advertising material from passive to active. We provide a phone number that a prospect can call and listen to a 3 to 5 minute message. While they are listening to the call, our system will then send a text to their phone that can contain either a link to your website, landing page, or a series of videos for the prospect to watch. All this happens automatically just from dialing a phone number! We have a limited amount of customers that we can handle on our platform so first come, first serve!
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